More sober than the Anta table, the Stoa table is made up of an oblong Onyx top and an oiled black walnut base. Through this composition, the intention here is to emphasize the beauty and authenticity of the natural material, in all simplicity. The richness of the color of black walnut, combined with the diaphaneity of this semi-precious stone, causes plays of light through its materiality. Sometimes opaque, sometimes translucent, Onyx is a complex material where one can easily understand all the geological tensions that contributed to the formation of the stone. The alternation between full and empty gives an impression of perpetual change in our perception of the material and the table as a whole. These effects of light and shadow are inspired by the architecture of the Stoa, an ancient portico that served as meeting spaces. Each table top is unique and made from a leftover stone. This constraint causes a constant renewal of the dimensions and design of the tables which adds to the bespoke nature of these collections.

Each top is different. To customize this table, to choose a different material for the top or a different colour for the base, please contact us.

* Stoa is the result of a special collaboration between UetC and StoneD, a Montreal based interior design studio.